Why Cumulus is the perfect solution for your business ?

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Cumulus offers reliable IaaS with managed services

Cumulus offers reliable Infrastructure as a Services with high level Managed Services. We believe that it makes sense to move to the cloud! However this move can never be a reason for you to loose control of your environment. At all times it needs to be transparent where your server is hosted, where the data is, who can access the server and data, and to what extent. You have to remain in the driving seat.
For this reason Cumulus offers you an infrastructure that you can manage as if the server is still within your own premises. This allows you to carry on working with your existing IT Service Provider, because he knows you and your company.
With our Managed Services we can also accompany you with your applications and desktop if this makes sense in your organization.

The most complete Infrastructure as a Service solution on the Luxembourg market today:

> Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Centers in Luxembourg

> Inclusive services: rack space, cooling, electricity, security, fire safety and business continuity

> Synchronous database mirroring (High-Safety Mode)

> Green Data Center with hardware optimization

> Complete redundant architecture

> Robust platform with VMware vShepre for virtual hosting

> Meshed Internet Service

> Most software (Microsoft, VMware, …) is available in rental mode

> Multilingual ServiceDesk


Ultra-Resilient Architecture

We have designed the architecture with the customer in mind. We understand that when your systems are down or unreachable, you are not profitable. We have not only built the architecture for planned outages, but also for those times when hardware failures occur unexpectedly. Failures will occur, the question is whether or not the architecture has been built to sustain those failures.
Some of our main features:

> DataCore SAN Symphony – Provides synchronous mirroring for all storage resources in our cloud

> Redundant Storage Components – All storage components are duplicated for maximum resiliency

> Segregation – All virtual machines provisioned for a customer reside in their own private VLAN segment providing total isolation

> VMware Clustering – Provides virtual machine recovery in the event of a host failure

> Redundant Server Components – All servers and their connections are redundant

> Juniper Network – Provides network level redundancy throughout the core and edge

> Physical security – Besides all the obvious intrusion, fire and smoke detection, our data centers are based on the building within a building principle.

> Redundant Network Components – All switches and routers have inherent built-in redundancy

> Disaster Recovery Solutions – Provides asynchronous site level data redundancy

> Redundant Datacenters and Location – Labgroup owns and operates separate, dedicated and interconnected data centers


Cumulus: a complete solution !

• Virtual Machines with Enterprise SAN Storage to host servers and data
• Managed services to help you concentrate on your core business
• Migration Services Into the Cloud
• Firewall and Remote access services
• Meshed Internet
• Online and professional backup
• Disaster Recovery Services that offer you alternatives if your office is unavailable
• Managed Antivirus and Antispam

The perfect cloud solution to reduce your IT costs!

To learn more about Cumulus Private Cloud solutions and share your business needs, please send us an email at info@cumulus.eu.

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