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“Virtual servers and virtual storage both seek to optimize the utilization of common resources (CPUs and Disks) and stress the flexibility to readily redeploy these resources (servers and storage) when and where they are needed”. Labgroup provides high-end hardwares with the most robust Storage Area Network (SAN). For a competitive monthly fee, premium cloud technology is available for your company.


Advanced virtual server technology

Cumulus cloud solution uses the virtualization solutions of the market leader VMware. While virtualization in general can bring you many advantages, VMware virtualization solutions are built on a robust foundation proven in production environments and chosen by over 250,000 companies, including 100% of the Fortune 100.

Cloud server technology

Advanced data storage technology

To enhance our server virtualization Cumulus cloud uses Nexsan storage system and DataCore software. That increases utilization rates up to 80% or more and reduces provisioning times for new applications from days to minutes. Our technology also accelerates response times for client’s change requests and eliminates downtime.

cloud data storage

Advanced network technology

Cumulus provides a private and secure network (VLAN) with high available redundancy (switches, firewall, VPN-SSL…). We use Juniper systems for our data center network architecture. That reduces complexity, enhance application performance and increase overall agility. Our Juniper’s cloud computing architecture offers security services that are incorporated into the fabric, in order to protect both virtual and physical resources. That provides unmatched security and reliability to our clients.


Advanced modular UPS technology

Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a leading technology to ensure uptime and protection against power failure. The technology has greater efficiency and is “eco-friendly”.


Advanced cooling technology

Our Data center uses the latest cooling technology from APC InRow. The system automatically adjust the cooling for better energy use, with a cooling capacity of 7,4 KW per rack. InRow adapts the optimal temperature at the server level, instead of the room level, that better protects the servers and ensure reliability.


Advanced security

In addition to performance, our cloud solution offers unmatched flexibility and integrity. Every byte of data is safely stored and deduplicated, ensuring your intellectual property remains safe. Our Data Center is under 24/7 monitoring with the strictness building access.


A world class data center infrastructure

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