Cumulus Virtual Network

virtual private cloud network


Highly secured technology

Cumulus private cloud IaaS solution is using Juniper Networks, which provides dynamic security services, including application and user-aware policies, help enterprises efficiently secure data flows for the cloud-ready data center solution.

Available Cumulus Network Services

> Firewall Services (internal and external)
Our certified Juniper Engineers will assist you with the setup and maintenance of your security.

Remote access (VPN SSL)
Cumulus Servers can be made available to remotely by means of our secured VPN portal. All the resources can be accessed through a single portal from anywhere and on any machine if you allow it.

Meshed Internet
Cumulus is using multiple IP providers to create its own redundant internet. As such we are able to offer you wide and fixed IP ranges.

Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
Cumulus Servers may be protected by our Anti-Spam solutions (either opt-in with Cisco Ironport or opt-out with MailinBlack). Both solution provide a first level, but robust anti-virus solution too.

State-of-the-art network appliances and software

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