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Virtual Servers Make Sense !

Get more out of your servers with Cumulus server virtualization. With our VMware virtualization solution, your server will only have to deliver the resources required by the application as and when the application needs it. As a result, you will decrease your spending and maximise your IT return on investment.

Concentration of virtual servers in a Data Center will further enhance these benefits!


Why Labgroup has chosen VMware for virtualization ?

While virtualization in general can bring you many advantages, VMware virtualization solutions are built on a robust foundation proven in production environments and chosen by over 250,000 companies, including 100% of the Fortune 100. Built on VMware vSphere, the industry’s most advanced virtualization platform, VMware enables solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, utilizing existing IT investments.

Cumulus server virtualization solutions can be integrated with your overall IT infrastructure and existing management tools. If that’s not enough, by choosing Cumulus virtual servers, you will benefit from lower IT costs while having a technology hedge on your competitors.


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Increase server utilization. This is undoubtedly the main reason to virtualize. Getting the most out of your available computing power to accomplish whatever the task may be, whether it’s creating redundancies or enabling the network to handle more complex.

Cut down costs by increasing energy efficiency and use less hardware with the consolation of your ICT infrastructure.

Build up business continuity through improved offsite disaster recovery solutions and deliver high availability across the datacenter. Your servers are safe.

Increased flexibility: the IT department no longer has to be married to one single platform. You can run multiple operating systems, like Windows and Linux, on the same physical server.

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