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Fastest and most flexible enterprise SAN solutions

Cumulus is using the latest technologies in storage and storage virtualisation by combining the best market players to deliver the most efficient, most redundant service. We are combining Nexsan for volume delivery and Datacore state of the art SanSymphony virtualisation software to deliver unmatched flexibility and integrity.


DataCore Enterprise Storage Platform

Cumulus delivers one of the world’s fastest and most flexible storage solution on the market today. Our IaaS cloud combines the fastest hardware available with the most robust SAN intelligence to deliver an enterprise based SAN solution to our customers at an attractive price point. With our DataCore solution, every byte of data written to our storage platform is written twice within a synchronous mirror, ensuring your data is always safe.

DataCore enhances server virtualization and the software insulates your virtual server environments from the adds, moves and changes in the physical disk configuration. DataCore’s application transparent high-availability, auto failover and failback capabilities slash downtime while protecting your critical business data.

The fastest hardware with the most robust Storage Area Network (SAN)

In addition to performance, our DataCore solution offers unmatched flexibility and integrity as every byte of data is safely stored and replicated on two different locations in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg data center

luxembourg datacenter

Luxembourg data centres

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Cumulus Virtual Storage makes use the storage at levels never previously achieved:


– Increases utilization rates up to 80% or more
– Reduces provisioning times for new applications from days to minutes
– Accelerates response times for change requests, time is money
– Eliminates disruptions for upgrades and hardware maintenance
– Complete redundancy of hardware and Storage servers


Cumulus Virtual Storage offers Thin Provisioning and Space Efficiency:


– Allocate just enough space, just-in-time
– Appears to computers as very large drives 
(e.g. > 2 TB disks)
– Takes up only space actually being written to
– Dynamically allocates more disk space when required
– Notifies you when it’s time to add capacity
– Reduces need to resize LUNs
– Reclaims zeroed out disk space


Cumulus Virtual Storage offers High Speed Caching:


– Speed up performance
– Accelerates disk I/O response from existing storage
– Uses x86-64 CPUs and memory from DataCore nodes as powerful, inexpensive “mega caches”
– Anticipates next blocks to be read, and coalesces writes to avoid waiting on disks


Cumulus Virtual Storage offers Sync Mirroring (High-Availablity):

– Real-time I/O replication for High-Availability
– Architect N+1 redundant grids for continuous availability
– Eliminate SAN or storage as a single point of failure when combined with host MPIO or ALUA drivers
– Enhance survivability using physically separate nodes in different locations
– Mirrored virtual disks behave like one, multi-ported shared drive, while automatically updating the two copies simultaneously
– Establish a common hot site for multiple data centers in the same metropolitan area